• Pintler Medical’s Patient Warming System begins “active patient warming” immediately upon the patients transfer to the OR table
  • Resistive warming introduces the use of a resistive element and multiple temperature sensors for safe temperature management
  • By design, the pad surface temperature is limited to 42C
  • Utilized for any procedure, of any length, every time


  • Pintler Medical’s Patient Warming System is easy to operate. Simply press ON, select the desired temperature, and every patient is actively warmed with safe, constant and uniform resistive warming technology
  • Other warming modalities require multiple steps and consume valuable staff time
  • Pintler’s warming pad and the control unit mounts on an IV pole – efficiencies that reduce supply, labor costs and room turnover-time
  • Clean, simple and clutter free
  • The design and construction of our pads address skin sheer, pressure points of bony prominences and overall patient comfort and satisfaction
patient warming system


“Active Patient Warming”

  • Our resistive warming technology applies the laws of thermodynamics—heat moves to cold
  • The heating element uses ink as the resistor to produce even, consistent thermals, warming the patient
  • Desired temperature is delivered uniformly across the surface of the pad
  • Utilizes less then 100W of power – 1/10th of the power required by forced air or water warming

Adult Male back immediately after 30 minutes of resistive


Adult male chest immediately after 30 minutes of Bair
Hugger at full power

pressure reduction pads

Pressure Reduction Pads

  • The materials we use allow for maximum weight disbursement because of flexible surfaces that stretch in all directions: 100% “give”
  • Reduces pressure sore events by distributing the skeletal load-bearing pressure against soft tissue over the broadest area of skin possible
  • This innovation provides a smooth, fluid impervious surface without seams or creases
No other company delivers delivers this combination of “Active Patient Warming” and Pressure Redistribution


A Pintler Medical Patient Warming System can pay for itself in less than 1 year

Consider this:
  • 250 patients to be warmed before surgery can incur upwards of $5,000 in expenses (gowns and blankets)
  • Forced air requires restocking supplies, OR staff time for setup and cleaning, and volumes of medical waste
  • OR procedures less than an hour often lead to patients left in the cold if schedules are incorrect (it takes too long to setup warming)
With the One-time purchase of Pintler Medical’s Patient Warming System:
  • recurring single-use disposables disappear
  • our pad is always in place
  • no setup time required
  • no waste generated
  • minimal equipment to clean
  • with the touch of a button, all patients are actively warmed from the moment they are positioned on the table, regardless of the procedure’s length

How much can your facility save while actively warming every patient?


“No amount of medical knowledge will lessen the accountability for nurses to do what nurses do; that is, manage the environment to promote positive life processes.“
– Florence Nightingale

  • Surgical disposables account for 70% of the medical waste stream
  • The choice between disposable or reusable products is often based on habit and perceived cost-savings
  • Pintler Patient Warming System generates no medical waste through its normal lifespan
  • All Pintler products are RoHS compliant, and the packaging is recyclable
Slowing or reversing the effects of global warming can start with a single act, choosing Pintler Medical’s Patient Warming System

GREEN the OR!  Choose to reuse!

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