Slide innovative INNOVATIVE Unique designs, results oriented engineering, and verifiable science
combined to provide the new higher standard for operating room table
Slide SAFE Surgical and Stretcher pads, reliably delivering uniform warming thermals
to the patient; gently, quietly, and safely
Slide SIMPLE Active warming and pressure redistribution come together, the new
standard for operating room pads
Slide AFFORDABLE Experience the daily savings realized by warming ALL patients for less
than the cost of warming a single patient with a disposable system
Slide ECOFRIENDLY ECO-FRIENDLY GREEN the OR! Remove disposable warming waste from the OR and

Patient Warming

Pressure Redistribution

Pintler Patient Warming Systems does two things better than any other company in the world: combine active patient warming and superior pressure redistribution into a single product. Pintler Patient Warming Systems – the standard for all Surgical Table Surfaces.

Pintler Medical offers a complete family of products.


PINTLER MEDICAL designs, develops and delivers patient safe innovative products that provide the healthcare professional with safe and effective solutions for “Active Patient Warming”, Pressure Reduction and Pressure Redistribution of every surgical patient. With an expertise in maintaining normothermia using resistive warming technology and pressure reduction, we provide innovative products supporting positive patient outcomes.

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